The trade house Mercante

The management of the holding company “SoyuzPromContract” decided to promote high-quality groceries in the Russian market. For this purpose they set up the trade house “Mercante”, using the accumulated experience, customers base, branches in the regions and partner relations with big retail chains.

The trade house “Mercante” is a structural unit of the holding company “SoyuzPromContract” promoting high-quality groceries from all over the world in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Recently a pilot project has been launched – 6 convenience stores have been opened in Moscow under the trademark “Maestro Fresh”.

Store addresses


  • Profsoyuznaya Street, 58, Building 4
  • Butlerova Street, 4, Building 1
  • 2nd Ochakovskiy Lane, 4
  • Fersmana Street, 11
  • Nizhegorodskaya Street, 17

Moscow Region

    • Kievskoe Highway, 49 km, Sof'ino Village, Building 3

Contact details of the trade house “Mercante”

Address: Russia, Moscow Region, Kievskoe Highway, 49 km
Tel: +7 (496) 342 22 62 (ext. 109)