XIV International Banana Forum in Ecuador


For 13 years, the Association of Banana Exporters, AEBE, has been developing its INTERNATIONAL BANANA FORUM, an annual event of great importance for participants in the production chain worldwide.

Ecuador is a leader in the world export of bananas, hence the importance of strengthening it in 2017 by taking on the challenge of regaining European markets, for which it is essential to improve our competitive capabilities as a country; we must improve port and communications infrastructure, reduce paperwork, reduce production and administrative costs, develop more research and reach prices that respond to the international reality.

In 2017, the Forum will have as its central theme "Facing global changes", so it is the perfect space for discussion, analysis, debate, agreements, so that as a sector we achieve the goals of increasing productivity at competitive levels, with the purpose of maintaining the world leadership in the export, with the consequent benefits in places of work and generation of currency.