Fruit market in Russia

Fruit and vegetables are essential goods. The demand for them is growing year by year, the consumer is becoming more demanding, paying more attention to the appearance and the taste of goods.

However the consumption of fruit in Russia in spite of the significant growth is around 43 kg per capita per year, which is 2 – 2,5 times less than in developed countries.

Traditionally the fruit market in Russia was formed of two parts. The first part is mainly local production, the second - imported fruit (including exotic fruit). The share of total fruit imports according to some experts is between 50% and 80% of the total volume of the Russian market of fresh produce.

Due to this fact fruit producers and exporters consider the Russian market of fresh produce strategically important and promising.

The leaders in terms of the volume of fruit supplies to Russia are Turkey, Ecuador, Morocco, China, Argentina, Egypt, South Africa. Obviously the volume of supplies depends on demand. Banana, citrus and apple are the most popular fruits in Russia. The consumption of pears and grapes is a little bit smaller, however they are still popular.

The group of companies «Soyuzpromcontract» holds one of the leading positions in the Russian fruit market.

About Soyuzpromcontract

At present "Soyuzpromcontract" is the biggest international agro-industrial holding company in Russia with a staff of more than 1000 people that rapidly developed into one of the leading private Russian companies in this sector.

"Soyuzpromcontract" unites a number of companies providing for the development of specialized areas and projects. . In 2008 the company began to develop its own plantations of apples, it's already the fifth year that the fruit from them comes to retailers' shelves.

Retail chains

  • Дикси
  • Ашан
  • Пятерочка
  • Лента
  • Билла
  • Перекресток
  • Магнит
  • Карусель
  • Утконос
  • О’КЕЙ
  • 7Я

Foreign suppliers

  • Arava
  • Patagonian fruits trade
  • San Miguel
  • Unifrutti South Africa
  • Mehadrin
  • BONA
  • GreenStream
  • Capespan
  • Zestfruit